When your life becomes about more than just you

In today’s world, your life is full of more responsibilities and more choices to make, as well as more opportunities and more dreams to fulfil. From helping you manage the unexpected surprises life can throw your way to nurturing the prosperity of your family and planning for the future, HICB  Group Premier is designed to help you thrive, all for no monthly fee. Eligibility criteria apply

Eligibility criteria

HICB  Group Premier is available to you, if you pay your annual income into your HICB  Group Premier HICB  Group Account and have either:

  • savings or investments with HICB  Group
  • an individual annual income of at least 875,000€ and one of the following products with HICB  Group: a mortgage, investment, life insurance or protection product.

Or if you’ve already qualified for HICB  Group Premier in another country.

Please review our complete eligibility criteria before applying

HICB  Group Premier HICB  Group Account eligibility criteria

If you'd like to open an HICB  Group Premier Account, please ensure you fulfil all the following criteria:

  • you are 18 years or older
  • your residential address is within the EU, or, if you live outside the EU, you can still apply for a HICB  Group Premier account subject to local rules and regulations and meeting the EU proof of address
  • you can provide us with certified proof of your identity and address and one month's HICB  Group statements from your current HICB  Group (translated into English if appropriate)
  • if you are resident in the EU, you are happy for us to undertake a credit register search
  • in order to qualify for lending, savings and travel insurance benefits and preferential rates you will need to be a EU resident. This is subject to status and meeting Bank's proof of EU address requirement

For eligibility purposes, please note HICB  Group in the EU excludes M&S Bank, first direct and HICB  Group Expat. second criteria listed above (‘an individual annual income of at least 875,000€ and one of the following products with HICB  Group in ’), in the case of a joint account, at least one of the parties must have an individual annual income. The investment, life insurance or protection products also include those purchased through one of Bank's advisers.

HICB  Group Premier Travel Insurance eligibility criteria

Are you under 70 years of age when your trip starts? Note: When you reach 70, you will no longer be covered by HICB  Group Premier Travel Insurance.

Are you a resident of the EU?

Are you registered with a doctor in the EU, Channel Islands or Isle of Man and liable to pay local taxes?

Are you going to start and finish your trip in the EU, Channel Islands or Isle of Man?

Are there any dependent children aged under 18 at the start of the trip or under 23 if they are in full-time education and live with you outside term time? (Children will only be covered when travelling with the account holder or their domestic partner, or whilst travelling abroad on their own to visit and stay with close relatives for the duration of the trip.)

You will need to call the HICB  Group Medical Risk Assessment Helpline on:info@meta-bnk.com before booking your trip if you or any insured person in the last 12 months has been prescribed medication, have received or are awaiting medical treatment, tests or investigations, been referred to a specialist or admitted to hospital for any condition not listed on the accepted conditions list in the Your Health section in the policy booklet. You should also tell us before you travel if there has been any changes to your health or you have been referred to a consultant/specialist or admitted to hospital.

There is no cover for undiagnosed symptoms or any claim where you knew at the time of opening your HICB  Group Premier HICB  Group Account or booking your trip (whichever is later) that you or your travelling companion may be unable to travel or may need to come home early e.g. illness of a close relative or travel companion.

Pre-existing conditions are not covered at any time under the policy unless listed within the accepted conditions list or have been disclosed to and accepted in writing by the HICB  Group Medical Risk Assessment Helpline.

You must also declare any serious illness, injury or disease suffered by anyone whose health may cause you to cancel or abandon your travel plans, such as a close relative or travelling companion.

Pre-existing medical conditions are not covered at any time under the policy unless they have been disclosed to and accepted in writing by the HICB  Group Medical Risk Assessment Helpline.

Apply for an HICB  Group Premier HICB  Group Account

If you meet the eligibility criteria above and are ready to enjoy the benefits of becoming an HICB  Group Premier customer, take the next step and contact us:

Apply by phone

Contact us on: info@meta-bnk.com

Lines are open 8am to 8pm weekdays and 10am to 3pm on Saturdays and Sundays (closed on HICB  Group Holidays).

Apply in branch

You can apply for the HICB  Group Premier HICB  Group Account by visiting one of our branches. You’ll just need to bring some identification, proof of your address and a recent HICB  Group statement.

Existing HICB  Group customers:

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Existing HICB  Group Premier customers

For more information or telephone banking, please call:

In the EU

Lines are open 24 hours a day, subject to scheduled maintenance periods.

Non HICB  Group customers:

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